FAQs - Male Escorts London

Unlimited Pleasure

Question: Why should I think about approaching a male escort?
That's a good question, and our customers give answers based on their experiences.

  • It's a great thrill being out with a handsome young / old man who knows how to behave with a woman.
  • My husband / partner is too busy to be with me.
  • I need a date at the last moment for an important business or social activity.
  • I have no time for dating and just want a relaxing evening with no commitments.
  • I have recently ended an affair.
  • I want a new experience - something which is taboo.
  • I have booked a male escort and it has been great!
  • I have been away on business and just do not want to spend the evening alone.
  • I have learned it the hard way that online dating offers no guarantee regarding discretion, safety and even any certainty that my needs will be met

Question: How discrete are your services
We are the very discreetness itself. In fact, we are proud of our discretion. Our male escorts and staff are required to sign a confidentiality agreement as soon as they join us.

Question: What is the hourly escort rate?
Male Escorts themselves determine their own hourly rate, please check their profiles

Question: What is the minimum booking time?
Typically, it is 2-3 hours. But you can agree with the Male Escort you have chosen even on less than that.

Question: Am I supposed to cover all the expenses of the male escort during the day?
Yes, you have to bear all the costs throughout the date such as costs for food, drinks, tickets for performances, fees for events, etc.

Question: Where am I supposed to meet my escort?
It depends on you - you can offer a dating place or else you may ask your escort to come up with one. It would be better to do so in a public place such as a lobby bar of a hotel, for example.

Question: Can I agree with my escort on the dating prior to its date and time?
Yes, you will have to talk to your escort in advance in order to agree with him on the hire and dating details.  If you need him as a companion to a public event or a company party, wedding, etc.,  you should better inform him in detail about the event in order to agree on "your makeup story as a couple" - where you met, how it happened, what your parents’ names are, your dog’s name and the like.

Question:  Do I violate any law by ordering a male escort?
No, you violate no laws. Hiring a company for a few hours or even a weekend is absolutely legal.

Question: If I have a romantic spark, is that unlawful?
No, it is not unlawful to have a romantic spark with your escort companion. All that may or may not happen is a matter of personal choice and personal preferences between two or more thinking adults.

Question: Do escorts offer sexual services?
No, our escorts only offer companionship. They do not offer sexual services. If you contact us requesting an escort for some kind of sexual service, we will not reply to your request.